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I hope even if it does not matter vip.


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I was a member of bitcomet will want to know without having to pay a vip or not.

Because I always try to accumulate points by that loyalty did not know then was canceled vip vip but the cumulative score already regret it.

But still have to accumulate points anyway.

I hope to be true roll vip without pay by the accumulated points, but I'm not up the p*** done, I like most is up but the anime or game ps2 only outside, it is not up at all points slower than the average person because never up of p***.

But no matter when it's not up p*** is strictly prohibited.

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I honestly have no idea what your asking or trying to express.

Regarding VIP, even without it, BitComet can download many tasks faster then any other client, and in the worse case scenario, it will download equal to any other bittorrent client. VIP can be helpful because you will have a commercial grade high speed server obtaining the data for you, much like a person would who operates a "seedbox", except that it's all done effortlessly by our software with no need to log into remote computers, paying setup fees, or signing contracts for long term accounts. I'd be first to admit that it's not for everyone, but keep in mind that all proceeds from sales of vip go to paying development costs of BitComet and it's related free products and services, so it's for a good cause, and has a definite value for many users.

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But I hope to continue to develop.

However, they frightened because the vip Honor.

It's something that has no seed left vip is one of the pins that hold the file has finished loading, but it is not vip but i felt sorry for him to accept the pending Honor Of course it excellently.

This is a simple small file but leave out a long time.

Honor it, but I have one child, it is not a private torrent in any way.

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From the IP, I'm assuming that tfiefongwong's is Thai, and that he's using a computer-translation program.

Computer translation is not nearly good enough, and it often generates incomprehensible garbage. Even human translation is tricky at best.

I'm afraid the best option is to try to find someone who can help you translate the question into English or Spanish. There is also a Chinese-language forum which might be more accessible.

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