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Multiple Bitcomet directories

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HHi, just wanted to say first off I love bitcomet, it's a great piece of software!

I'm using 1.27 on windows 7.

A quick question, I have multiple directories containing bitcomet.

1.c:user/username/appdata/local/virtualstore/programfiles (x86)/bitcomet.

2.c:user/username/appdata/roaming/bitcomet (this is the one thats running even though it goes through c:program files (x86)/bitcomet)

3.c:program files (x86)/bitcomet

Can I delete number 1 without worrying about affecting the other directories or bitcomet itself? Or should I just not touch any of them.

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You can thank Bill Gates for this. By default, windows Vista/Seven began redirecting config files that bitcomet would save in program files\bitcomet and putting them in Virtual Store. This was causing problems for users if they have more then one user account, and the file permissions were causing problems so we added the "system use appdata" option in advanced settings (on by default, unless your currently using virtual store, then it's off).

This change stopped people from losing task lists and loads of other problems.

However, I'd need to test things before I could tell you 100% which is ok to delete, but these are very small files so I can't think of an advantage to deleting them to be honest, so my answer is do it if you like, but don't delete anything permanently until your sure.

I would just leave them if it were me.

ps. you can export your settings and tasks then delete (or move to temp location) then import everything and it should all go to the default location, but again it seems like there is no real benefit in doing this (that I can see).

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It has been my experience that BitComet only uses one directory, ever. If it were my system, I would copy the contents of the virtualstore and program files directories elsewhere, then go ahead and delete them. After a while of operation with no effects, I'd then delete the copies.

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You can check the system_use.app.data variable on the Advanced page of Options (I'm quoting the variable from memory so if the name is a little different just go with it).

If the value is set to TRUE then you should be able to delete 1. without affecting anything (backing up that folder probably would still be a good idea, as mentioned above).

If it's set to FALSE then it means that it's actually 1. that BitComet uses and you'll need to set it to TRUE before being able to delete it without doing any harm to your TaskList.

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