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bitcomet or bitcomet 64 bit?

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The main advantage to the 64 bit version is it's ability to access more resources. Most modest downloaders would never need to use the 64bit version, but for extreme users that want to use extremely large disc cache and run many torrents on extremely fast connections, then the 64bit version is much more powerful.

I've been using the 64bit version since it was in beta testing and it seems very stable, so why not use it, but the choice is yours.

Also, when you installed it you were asked if you wanted to install both the 64 and 32bit versions, it was an option that appears if your system is capable of running it.

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Procedurally, if you had BC/32 installed, then subsequently installed BC/64, the process would not remove the BC/32 directory. This probably ought to be addressed somehow.

Pragmatically, the versions have identical interfaces and behave identically with the exception of disk cache size. BC/64 allows a much larger cache. Most people don't need that, and will be perfectly fine with the default cache settings. A larger cache consumes the equivalent amount of system memory, naturally.

The intention, as I understand it, is not to allow the two versions to diverge in interface or functionality, from each other, but we'll see about that one.

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Thanks for all your replies. Very useful.

How do I find out whether I have a 64 bit version of Windows???

And while I'm here, can anyone tell me how to burn what I have downloaded on bitcomet to a disk within the bitcomet interface?

Is that possible? I can't see how which means I have to go to my download folder and do it from there. No big deal but I imagine there's an easy way to burn a disk from bitcomet and I just can't see it.

Thanks again for the replies.

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If you didn't have a 64bit windows version, then bitcomet x64 would not have installed, but try this...

Start>Computer> "right click" select "properties"

This screen will tell you info about your system including your windows version, and if it's 64bit.

BitComet is a download tool, it does not burn discs. If you want a free program to burn discs, I'd recommend ImgBurn (imgburn.com).

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BitComet is just a bittorrent transfer utility. It doesn't burn optical disks. Once the contents are downloaded, BitComet's job is done.

You need a separate application made for making CD's and DVD's. One probably came with your optical drive. There are several freeware programs out there, and you can find others.

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