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Save BitComet's events

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Hy! I am a new member and I have a question if you are so kind to help me please.

I have windows vista in my computer and I decided to install windows 7. My question is: after(first) I install windows 7 how can I save the events( finished and unfinished) things which are in bitcomet( films music ecc) in order to keep my ratio of torrents.

It is a bitcomet log file or anything to save for the moment when I install new windows and bitcomet which remember old setting and keep all my finished/unfinished downloads??


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BitComet needs 2 things in order to be able to reload everything you have at this point in your Task List.

1. The downloads.xml file. You can make sure that you save this (along with BitComet's settings if you wish) by going to the File-->Import and Export Download List menu.

2. The .torrent files for each task that is present in your Task List at present time. These are some small-sized files which are to be found in the \BitComet\torrents folder.

Of course, it goes without saying that you'll have to actually back up the downloaded files for each task which has some degree of progress, if you want to pick up from where you left, in case you intend to mess with the partition where they reside, too.

Just make sure when you restore everything that the path (indicated on the Properties page of each task) corresponds with the real location of the files.

The easiest thing is to put back your downloads in the same paths as before. Or alternatively you can modify manually the path for each task to correspond with the new location. In that case it's probable that BC will ask you to do a manual hash-check before restoring your progress or will do one automatically. If neither of the two happens just do it yourself.

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The upgrade from Vista to Win7 should not disturb existing settings or tasks. All the same, I would back up those files, if I were you. They're very small, so it won't take long or take up much space, and the security of having a fallback is well worth that.

Then you should be able to do the upgrade and pick up right where you left off. Of course, if you do a new install of Win7 instead of an upgrade, then you must preserve these files yourself, somewhere other than your system drive.

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Please do not make duplicate posts requesting assistance.

If you are going to post in English, then please do not ask for help for the same issue in the Non-English fora.

You must understand that the Romanian and Spanish forums are for those people who are willing to wait for the respective translators (Vasy and myself) to do their job.

If, however, you ask the same thing twice (both in Romanian and English) you are not only wasting the translators' time (yes, we also have other forum obligations as well as personal ones), but you are also duplicating the Tech. Support staff's time and efforts, by having to answer both threads, with identical information.

In the future, please start a thread in one language only, and do not add to our already-overloaded (and freely-donated) spare time requirements/workload.

Thank you.

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