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Salut tuturor membrilor Cometforum.

Am si eu o nelamurire daca sunteti amabili sa ma lamuriti va rog

Am instalat windows Vista si as dori sa sterg tot si sa pun windows 7(pe partitia de windows). Intrebarea mea este: dupa ce este instalat windows 7 cum fac in momentul in care reinstalez bitcomet sa am tot ce aveam inainte( terminate si neterminate), sa le am in bitcomet toate torrentele terminate sau nu pe care le aveam inainte( ma intereseaza pentru ratie).

Are bitcomet undeva in windows niste loguri ceva care pot fi salvate inainte de a formata partitia cu vista si a instala windows 7, care in momentul in care reinstalez bitcomet sa imi vada tot ce aveam inainte????

Va rog sa imi trimiteti un raspuns. Va multumesc

Varianta mea de bitcomet este 1.27

Hi to all Cometforum members.

I have a a query if you'd kindly enlighten me.

I have windows Vista and I want to erase everything and install windows 7(on the current windows partition). My question is: After installing windows 7, how will I get everything I had in BitComet back? (finished and unfinished tasks). I'm interested because of my ratio.

Does BitComet have some logs, or something of the sort, that I could save before formatting the partition with vista and installing windows, so that when I install bitcomet it would restore everything I had before?

Please send me an answer. Thank you.

My bitcomet version is 1.27

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Please be patient and our Romanian staff member will reply.

I don't know if an English reply will help you, but I'll try.

From the "file" menu, you can "export" all tasks, then "import" them on your new installation.


You can restart all torrents and after a rehash they will return to their previous level of completion.

Va rugam sa aveti rabdare si responsabilul nostru de suport tehnic in romana va va raspunde.

Nu stiu daca un raspuns in engleza te va ajuta, dar am sa incerc.

Din meniul "File"(/fisier), poti sa exporti sarcinile, ca apoi sa le importi in noua instalare.


Poti sa descarci si sa repornesti toate torentele, iar dupa verificarea dupa hash vor reveni la nivelul de completare precedent.

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Asa cum a zis TuuS, mergi in meniul file de unde-ti alegi "Import and export download list" si apoi Pasul 1: inainte sa reinstalezi windows-ul faci un export la toate setarile si sarcinile pe care le ai, iar Pasul 2: dupa ce reinstalezi windows-ul instalezi BitComet si tot din acelasi meniu alegi fisierul facut pentru a importa totul:



Like TuuS said, go to the "File" menu, where you can select "Import and export download list, and then Step 1: before reinstalling windows you need to export all tasks and settings to a file, and Step 2: after reinstalling windows and installing BitComet, go to the same menu and select the above mentioned file to import everything.

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Buna ziua as dori va rog sa va "stresez" cu o alta intrebare:

Am facut asa cum a-ti spus am exportat eventurile in mometul in care sau salvat sunt de forma downloads.xml.bak. Am reinstalat windows 7, am reinstalat bitcomet si surpriza: in momentul in care deschid bitcomet sunt salvate toate optiunile si eventurile precedente. Iar acum incepe problema:

1. Daca incerc sa pornesc un torrent din cele initiale imi da eroare deoarece nu este gasit(nu se poate deschide eventul inital)

2. Facnd inainte de a dezinstala bitcomet exportul tuturor torrentelor fisa o salveaza sub forma downloads.xml.bak, pentru ca apoi sa o import, in momentul in care fac importarea fisei surpriza bitcometul imi cere o fisa pt importare de tipul *.bc_bak care nu exista exportul filei fiind in formatul mai sus mentionat.

Va rog sa ma ajutati daca stie cineva, daca cineva are un raspuns. Va multumesc

Good day! I'm back to stress you with another question:

I did everything as you said, I exported the tasks as a downloads.xml.bak file, I reinstalled Windows 7, I reinstalled BitComet and surprise: the settings and tasks are restored. And now the problem starts:

1. If I try to start a task from those that I imported I get an error because it can't find it (the initial tasks cannot be started)

2. The export I did before uninstalling BitComet was saved as a downloads.xml.bak file, and to then import it, it asks for a .bc_bak file that do not exist, the exported file being in the aforementioned format.

If someone knows how to fix this, please respond. Thank you.

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Poti sa faci un screenshot la eroare? Posteaza-l aici.

Mai ai acces la fisierele .torrent? E posibil sa ai nevoie de ele la import cu optiunea Import unfinished download.

Can you take a screenshot of the error? Post it here.

Do you still have access to the .torrent files? You might need them on import with the Import unfinished download option.


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On the one hand you have the list of tasks. (This is the .xml file.)

On the other, you have the tasks themselves. (These are the .torrent files)

On the gripping hand, you have the content which you actually want to watch/listen-to/read. (These are the .avi or .mp3 or .pdf files)

When you export the task list, you save the .xml file, but you don't save the .torrent files or the .avi files

So naturally, when you re-import the task list and start it up, BitComet complains that it can't find the .torrent file for a given task. If it did find the torrent file, it then would not find the .avi file, so it would start downloading the task over again.

You have to save all three -- the task list, the .torrent file and the contents that you've downloaded so far. Then you have to restore all three to their proper places so that BitComet can find them again.

In primul rand ai lista de sarcini. (aceasta este in fisierul .xml)

In al doilea rand, ai sarcinile in sine. (acestea sunt fisierele .torrent)

In al treilea rand, ai continutul corespunzator sarcinilor, pe care vrei sa-l vizualizezi/asculti/citesti etc(acestea sunt fisierele .avi sau .mp3 sau .pdf)

Cand exporti lista de sarcini, salvezi fisierul .xml, dar nu salvezi fisierele .torrent sau fisierele .avi.

Asa ca in mod natural, cand incerci sa importi lista de sarcini si o pornesti, BitComet se va plange ca nu poate gasi fisierele .torrent pentru fiecare sarcina. Daca ar gasi fisierele .torrent, nu ar gasi fisierul .avi, asa ca ar incepe sa descarce sarcina din nou.

Trebuie sa salvezi toate trei -- lista de sarcini, fisierele .torrent si conatinuturile pe care le-ai descarcat pana acum. Apoi va trebui sa le readuci pe toate in locatiile lor propriuzise pentru ca BitComet sa le gaseasca din nou.

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Fisierele .torrent si statuturile lor corespunzatoare (fisiere .xml) trebuiesc plasate in folderul %AppData%/BitComet/Torrents.

The .torrent files and their task statuses (.xml files) should be placed in the %AppData%/BitComet/Torrents folder.

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