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Start new torrent if current torrents are dry for x amount of time

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Hi all.

Been a user of Bitcomet for quite a long time now, possibly 5-6 years now (Currently on version 1.27). But only recently registered.

There's actually two things I want to ask about.

The first is as the title states. One thing I find a bit annoying, is tasks that sit there dry (0bk/s) for lengths of time coming on and off as they like. And wondering if an option can be added that would start ANOTHER task (Task B), if Task A was "connecting" (0kb/s) for a long length of time.

As an example, I have 10 tasks running right now, 6 of which have no seeders (had 5 but 4 had no seeders so started 5 more). I understand that the more tasks I have running the slower they will all go.

But instead of me having to either wait till the dry tasks connect, or start more myself until they do. Is it possible to have an option to do this automatically?

The other thing I'd like to ask about is the CometID Scores. Is there anyway to see what the score of connected peer is? And I have a bit of a competitive streak, and know there is the ranking, but would be nice to know "who" I'm ranked against, or even have a achievement board with "top 50 scores this week/month", "made most points this week/month" and things like that.

Thank you for your time, and any response I may receive. (Any questions, please feel free to ask)

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It would be a breach of privacy to identify who your connected to, so bitcomet would never do that.

We also do not publish ranks of other users for the same reason.

As for queuing tasks, you can set bitcomet to run as many active tasks as you like, but the problem with what you suggest is exactly how it would decide if a task should be ignored. The only option I can think of is a way to mark the task to stay active but not be counted as an active task. You could do this with unseeded tasks that your hoping will be reseeded. However to add more complex options to bitcomet may not be desirable to all, most users like it to be simple and easy to understand.

Personally, I think handling dead tasks in hopes they will download in the future is best done manually, but if someone can design a simple way of doing this that doesn't make it even more complicated (or appear that way), then I'd be in favor of it.

Most of us will just abandon an unseeded task and look for the content elsewhere, but in many cases bitcomet can complete unseeded tasks that no other client could using LTseed network, emule, or even peers from a different torrent with some/all of the same content.

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You are correct Wiz. I don't use the queuing options and completely forgot that was there.

With this option, it won't count a task as active unless the download rate exceeds the setting you select. If you use something very low like 5kB/s, then any unseeded tasks would stay active but would not be counted in the queue.

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You can get a bit of info about the ranking and how it affects your download speed here

I like watching the exp and level going up and the ranking going down too but not only would rating people have privacy issues it would also not really be a fair comparison as people have widely varying internet connection speeds.

FYI Level 32, score 52926, ranking 67668, but don't tell anyone ;-)

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