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Need help in cloning two mobile phone


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Guy's sorry if this is the wrong place for posting this topic but

I really need to clone two mobile phones. If there is anyone that

can help me I'll be forever grateful.

Anyone that knows how to or can help in any way please: I'm desperate.

Thanks & T.C.

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There are forums dedicated to these devices that may already have your answer waiting to be found. finding an answer here probably isn't likely, but your welcome to ask. However, it's normally required that the person asking provide details about exactly what hardware they have, so someone with knowledge in the subject can find an answer, or at least point them in the right direction.

Also, as I said, your welcome to ask here, but if this topic moves from the subject of using the devices to finding a way to "hack/cheat or illegally activate them", then it will be deleted.

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