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Can't open Firefox (any version)

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Ok! I keep install/uninstall and it just doesn't work! Whenever I open Cometbird it will pop up an error message.

CometBird.exe - Unable To Locate Component

X(X error symbol) This Application has failed to start because ssl3.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Please anyone help me! I did whatever uninstall or reinstall any version also failed to open it up(3.6v to 5v). It just doesn't work for me! If I cannot open it how can I retrieve my 30+ bookmarks! It's important to me! T.T

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That file should be in your program directory, placed there by the installation.

Try uninstalling the program, then deleting its program directory, before reinstalling. Then manually look for ss3.dll in the program directory to assure it's there.

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I think some more accurate history is in order here, like what happened to cause this in the first place. Obviously, if you've never been able to install it, then you won't have 30+ bookmarks to worry about, so you're not telling us the whole story.

I have to assume you had is successfully installed, then for "what" reasons did you try to reinstall?

I suspect your attempt to reinstall was to fix an unrelated problem.

It would also help to know some basic info. Information like your windows version, user account settings and such should be included on any request for help no matter where it's made.

I suspect you may have been victim of a trojan or some other type of malware, but lets take this one step at a time. For starters, when you reply with more info, please also provide a screenshot of this error your seeing. We have a couple very good guides for making and posting screenshots in our "guides and tutorials" section.

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Well, I have no idea what cause this in the first place and before this whole thing happen I was able to use it without any problem. But after yesterday I can't open cometbird anymore.As I try to open cometbird again and again it keeps showing up this error message


My Computer OS is Windows Xp SP3 updated to the newest and currently I have CometBird version 3.6.13(Previously is not this version)

Scanned through the whole system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and No sigh of Viruses.


I have all the files I need to run Cometbird.


One of my Friend which is a Computer freak told me that I need to put ssl3.dll file into system32. Do I need to do that?

Hope I can get back my 30+ bookmarks and or use cometbird browser again :(

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Either kluelos or Vacy suggestion should force cometbird to reprodoce (replace) a corrupt .dll file. If that's all that the problem is, I would have expected a reinstallation to fix it, which is why I suspected some malware involved. Also, the fact that firefox seems to be running fine is kind of strange, being the two browsers are based on the same source code.

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Ok, I will try to install again but can you tell me how to retrieve my old bookmarks? Any specific file or folder for storing bookmarks? I don't think I store it online so it must be in the Cometbird folder. Before I reinstall Cometbird I want to make sure that I have a chance to get my bookmarks back. Any way to get it back without opening the browser?

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I don't have a windows XP computer to test this with here at the moment, but windows 7 and vista store the bookmarks in the %appdata% folder. There should be several backups of your bookmarks infact, from several stages. Each time you update your bookmarks it saves the previous bookmarks settings, with a total of about 5 redundant copies (if my memory serves).

The personal settings shouldn't be in the "program files" folder, so it should be ok to delete it, but if you want to be extra careful, then rename your "program files\CometBird" folder to "program files\OldCometBird", instead of deleting it, then when you install, it will make a new "CometBird" folder and if successful, you can then delete the old folder.

As far as which files to copy and where to place them in order to manually move your bookmarks from one installation to another, I'd have to do some research to say for sure, but this shouldn't be necessary.

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Thanks TheUnUsual Suspect! I found my bookmark in the %appdata% folder and I disable hidden mode in that application folder. I found many json file which contains my old bookmarks. Everything is auto saved when I put in new bookmarks. I might backup those bookmarks first then only reinstall the whole thing. Thank you very much everybody!

Those bookmarks mean a lot to me. :D

Hope the new version of cometbird will be better than the last.

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