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I've found that all new firefox versions have issues with compatibility, and since cometbird shares the same source code as firefox, it inherits all the good and bad that comes with it. I normally wait a month or two after a major new release, but since firefox seems to have abandoned verson 4, it makes me even more cautious about trying version 5. However, we are making prior versions of cometbird easy to find so you can always revert if you're not happy with a new version, so feel free to try it and let us know what you think. I can tell you that I've read a lot of reports about Firefox 5 and most seem to like it. I'm looking forward to trying CometBird 5 myself, as soon as I feel confident the bugs are worked out and I have sufficient time to spend to upgrade and learn the new version.

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For me, the big issue is my add-ons. I depend on several of them, and insist on others (like Flashblock and AdBlock). It usually takes a while before everything gets updated to work with a new version.

I'm not willing to websurf without them, so I won't upgrade until all of my add-ons have been updated to work with the new version. That doesn't usually take long, a month or two.

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