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No Sound.

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Okay. About a month or so ago I started getting no sound out of my MPC Star.

I have tried multiple different file types.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing.

I have checked the sound on my PC.

I have tried Versions 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3.

I still get no sound.

Any help at all would be great because I use this program to watch movies all the time and I haven't been able to in a few weeks.

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hi, i have been having the same problem for several days now and have came to the decision to create this account for it is frustrating me. I decided to unistall it and then a day or so ago i reinstalled it but still have no sound at all. I was on and off muting it a few days back then suddenly i tried watching a video and no sound at all. I made sure it was the player and not the video which the vlc and windows media player still have sound. Unforuanetly, i tried finding a swf extension to download but really do not know where to download a file with that type of extensiion. I downloaded a flv file but other than that i usually have avi, mkv, or mp4 types i usually use with the player.

Any help would be appreciative, i have windows 7.

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A number of things have to connect up together to get the sound working. When you have a situation where one player (VLC) works properly and another does not, this focuses attention on the various filters being used.

VLC uses its own built-in filters and won't really tell you anything about them. MPCStar can be persuaded to be more verbose. Try playing the file in question, then press Ctrl-I to get the file information. This will display what MPCStar thinks is going on -- what it's trying to use to play the file. You should be able to spot problems in the sound device chain here. Start with the movie at the bottom, and follow the audio up the chain from input to output, looking for problems or dead-ends. This should point you to the problem area.

If you can't spot any problems, then try posting screenshots with the audio device details shown, and maybe someone can offer some ideas.

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I had the same problem with downloaded FLV videos as you have, this was my solution:

- Get some kind of free converter (Freemake: http://freemake.com / FLV converter: http://flv-coverter.org)

- Convert to any other format. I used MWV or AVI most of the time.

- The new format will have sound enabled, even in MPCstar.

I am not sure if this is a FLV-file problem, or a problem within MPCstar. But if you follow the steps above your files will have sound.

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The resolution is You guys just open a simple SWF file with MPC Star. If you hear sound it means that your MPC Star's sound is now works again. B) :D B) :lol: .If you still had that problem you can ask or chat with me via:

Facebook: My name is XXXXXXXX. :wacko:

Skype: My name is XXXXXXXXXXX. :wacko:

Garena Plus: My name is XXXXXXXX. :wacko:


Sorry for bad English. :(

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Not really a good idea to post personal contact info in a public forum like this. Expect spam.

Those who were asking the question were doing so in August, November and December of last year. I expect they have solved their problems by now. They certainly never followed up.

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