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Bitcomet shuts down after every finished torrent download.. then restarts again sending an error report.


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Bitcomet doesn't have a virus scan, but it does have the option to enable your antivirus to do a scan of files upon completion. Enabling this is often done by default if your antivirus is recognized.

It was also never intended as a solution, it was to determine what the cause may be.

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In your options, two things can happen after a download completes. A final hash-check may be done on the download, and a virus scanner may be invoked to check the new download.

If you're regularly getting a crash, it's probably being provoked by one or the other of these, Check your options to see if either is enabled, and if the issue vanishes when one or both aren't.

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disabling my virus scan did not solve problem..can you guide me about the hash checking.Looking at my advance options these are my present settings:




tnx again.

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Just to be clear, no one asked you to disable your anti virus, we asked you to disable bitcomets option to initiate the virus scan. Since I've seen this exact problem before and if my memory is correct, it was also someone who used avira, I suggest you check your bitcomet options again and make sure you understand what it is we're asking you to disable.

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If none of those options are active then it must be something else.

First let me say that I'm using BitComet for several years now, on a XP SP3 system and have upgraded through every beta and stable release as soon as it appeared; I have never encountered an issue like this.

Neither did we get reports of this happening very often. Most of the times, we managed to identify (or the users did themselves more often) the culprit as being another application or a particular setting on the local system that conflicted with BC.

This is not to say that your issue isn't real; not at all. Just trying to point out that it must be something specific to your system configuration that creates a conflict or the conditions for a crash.

Do you store downloads on an internal or an external drive?

Have you tried doing a clean reinstall of BitComet (i.e. uninstalling BitComet then using a registry cleaning application to make sure that all possible traces are wiped out and also checking manually and deleting the C:\Program Files\BitComet folder, in case it doesn't get completely deleted by the uninstaller process)?

Of course, it goes without saying that if you have a task list you want to preserve you'll have to export it (using the File menu) and you'll have to also manually back up the BitComet\torrents folder, prior to that.

Another easier to run test would be this: download a ZIP version of the last BitComet and unzip it to a folder of your choice. Make sure that your regular client IS NOT RUNNING, and then start the executable of BitComet from the unzipped folder. Download a torrent in it and see if it still crashes.

All the above is just trying to determine if it's something in your current installation of BitComet or something on your system that causes the crash.

Also, does your current installation have the option to move files to a different folder after finishing download, activated?

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