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Hash Check never completes on 1 file

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I am using BC 1.27 and have been very happy with it till now. I am running Windows 7 - 64-bit with SAS drives. Yesterday while downloading two torrents (26Gb + 46Gb), Windows gave the blue screen of death, with a memory error. When the faulty module was replaced, and Windows & BC restarted, the 26Gb Torrent would start the hash check but never complete the hash check. I tried leaving it for 12 hours, no luck. If I disable the hash check then it continues to download. Is there any way to pinpoint where the error is in this file ? I would rather not delete it and start from scratch, as I've already downloaded 8Gb of the file. If I do a manual hash check, it also never completes. In fact the hash check stays on 0.0% forever. If I try to stop the hash check once started, BC hangs.

Any ideas ?

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If the hash check is unable to complete or even begin, then I suspect there is something wrong with the data being scanned. Perhaps the failure damaged your drive/s and/or file system. I'd recommend scanning any effected drives for errors. The hash check is a pretty straightforward process, so if bitcomet cannot check the files, they probably won't be usable when complete, so I'd definitely get this fixed before continuing the download.

You could try copying the file/s to another drive and continuing there.

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Don't stop here because we've just confirmed you have a harddrive and/or file system error. This could be a sign of a harddrive about to fail completely, although it's highly likely it's only a simple software error, but to be safe, get any valuable data off that drive asap.

Now you have a few options. You can scan the drive for errors using windows utilities, or a 3rd party program. This should successfully repair any file system errors and if there are any bad sectors on the drive, it will mark them as unusable. A more through repair would be to do a full format on the drive. This will destroy all data, so you'll need to move anything you want to keep onto another drive. This is your best option, but not the easiest.

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If stopping BitComet doesn't work (and it certainly should unless something is wrong), then try the Unlocker utility, to see what all is really locking the file. If it's just BitComet, kill that process and try again.

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if i stop bitcomet, it hangs up

i am not aware of the unlocker utiity

my downloads worked perfectly fine till about 3-4 days ago and i have experienced this problem since.

one of the files i'm downloading has downloaded 29.2% but hashing stops at 2.7%

killing the process has been of no use, whenever i open the bitcomet application, i experience the same problem

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I suspect you do have a problem on one of your drives. It could be a corrupt file allocation table, or some bad sectors, but if you say it's fine, then we'll look elsewhere, but please be absolutely sure you're correct or you're going to waste a lot of time and effort if we try to find something that doesn't exist.

Moving files within BitComet's GUI:

Stop task, "right click", "move files to", then select a drive or folder (preferrably on a different harddrive, or at least a different partition).

Moving files in windows (this will require changing the file location in bitcomet after the move is complete, and of course they will need to be hashchecked in the new location.

Stop task, Select the folder, "right click" and select "cut", go to new folder, click "edit" from folder menu then "paste".

When complete, "right click" on task, select "properties", "general tab", adjust save location to new folder, click "ok".

Now you can restart task and try your hash check again.

i am experiencing the same problem.

You don't know that you have the same problem the other member had, and this is his topic, any posts here should be to discuss or offer help with his problem, so I'm going to close this topic. If you want us to continue to help you, then please read the topic in my signature and make your own topic. You can also cut/paste any info from this topic and add it to yours so we don't end up repeating ourselves.

Normally we would have you make a topic before helping at all, but since we started, and for the sake of saving you time, I'm continuing here.

how do i copy the files being downloaded to another location as the copy operation will not work as the files are open in bitcomet

Once the torrent and hash check are stopped you will be able to move the files.

Topic Closed (if the member who posted this topic wants it reopened they may message any staff member)

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