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frozen frame when going into fullscreen

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well where the black borders are in every file and when i go to fullscreen or even stretch the player there seems to be a frozen frame in the black border not sure if its the player or the decoder its using and by the way im trying to use divx codec but its using it and not what it is using.

so can anyone help me out here????

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Unfortunately your going to have to do a much better job of explaining this....

im trying to use divx codec but its using it and not what it is using.

I have no idea what your tring to say here, but as far as codecs are concerned, unless you are absolutely sure you know what you're doing, then don't try to mess with it. The player will use what is best for the type of video.

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a watermark logo has nothing to do with the codecs being used, and an .avi file is a container that can hold many types of video. DivX video is actually somewhat rare to find in torrents, 99% of all .avi files use Xvid codecs.

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FILENAME : The Fast and the Furious(2001)DVDrip(AC3-5.1)- keltz

VIDEO : AVI/Xvid-2pass/919kbps/25.00fps/672x272/DAR:2.471/QF:0.201 Bits/(Pixel*Frame)

AUDIO : AC-3/CBR/160kbps/48.0KHz/16bit/6 channels(Front:L C R Rear:L R,LFE)


DURATION : 1h 42mn

This is NOT a divx file, it's Xvid. Don't try to force it to use DivX codecs or you're going to have problems.

Most people prefer FFDshow for playing Xvid, I suspect with the right codecs you won't have this problem.

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mpcstar comes with internal and external codecs. I believe it also uses ffdshow for divx playback.

You shouldn't need to install any codecs to play this, but if you installed divx, it may be conflicting with mpcstar's codecs. Divx video is actually rare, you don't often see it in torrents, and seeing a divx watermark on a film doesn't mean mpcstar is using divx codec, it only means someone put the watermark on the film... it might not even be a divx film, and even if it is, it's probably being played with ffdshow.

If you want, you could uninstall all codecs and get the CCCP codec pack. Install it using all default settings and you should be able to play any kind of video you come across, just don't make any changes to your codec settings if you aren't 100% sure of what your doing, that is probably what went wrong in the first place.

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Ok, so did you check or not which filter MPCStar uses for decoding XviD encoded video?

Go to the MPCStar menu and while playing the file open the ffdshow configuration menu for video.

Then once that window is open, while the Codecs entry on the left is selected check what decoder is set for XviD type in the list of video types on the right (it should be the second entry from the top, right under H.264/AVC).

Is it libavcodec or something else?

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