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Hi Guys n Gals, I am a relative newbie to this bitcomet bittorrent stuff, but it is a lot of fun I hope I do not post in the inappropriate places if I should then I apologize in advance. Thanks

AVG Free addition.... trying to use in checking Bit Comet Downloads, does anyone know how to set up AVG free addition to verify and check for BitComet download, I chose what I thought was the AVG executable file but it must be the wrong choice, which executable file is it and do I need to set up parameters first.



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You need the command-line executable, not the Windows GUI one.

However, this is a terribly intrusive process. Whenever a torrent finishes, AVG* will pop up a command window into the middle of whatever you are doing, while it runs the virus check. You can't stop this, and you can't get it to keep quiet unless it finds a virus. It will not find anything that the AVI shield won't find, since they use the same algorithms and data to do their testing. Thus, there's no good reason to put up with that intrusion, and it gets to be truly annoying after a short time.

* Later edit - it is not AVG doing this. It is BitComet running a command-line program, any program, that does this. It's a combination of Bitcomet's fault, and Windows' fault, for handling things this way. Any command-line virus scan you run, from AVG or elsewhere, will do this to you.

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I have McAfee so are you suggesting above not to run it after download? I've lost three laptops in twoi months and am guessing was torrent related but as I have virus I was thing it's trojan as McAfee is not up on those like virus.

I apologize for naivete but I do have loads of goodness to share oce I figure this out.

Please feel free to advise how to set up and avoid the bad stuff ;)

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The choice to have bitcomet initiate a scan when download is complete is a matter of personal preference, but no one is suggesting that you don't scan the files, it's just a question if you want the scan to pop up unexpected while you're in the middle of doing work on your computer, or would you rather scan the files when your prepared to use them and/or deal with the time it takes to look up any suspected threats to see if they are actually something bad, or just something your anti virus is unsure of.

As for why you "lost" three laptops... it definitely wasn't "torrent related". I'm not really sure what you mean by "lost", but if your getting your computers infected that easily, then you're probably frequenting a lot of risky websites and falling for scams that ask you to run fake security scans followed by "click here" to fix all your problems. That is how most people are infected.

If you want to avoid bad torrents, go to a torrent site that is well moderated and read the comments.

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I have always preferred antivirus software that scans any file I actually access, when I access it. This is usually referred to as a "Shield" or "active guardian".

While it's arguably a good idea to scan a file upon download, I am *always* torrenting in the background.

Having a torrent finish, and pop up a command window to do a virus scan into the middle of the document I'm busy writing, is terribly disrupting and distracting. Blows my train of thought right off the rails. I've given up on the command-based, post-download automatic scan because of this.

I never saw this process catch anything that my shield didn't catch anyway -- not surprising, since they're running the same detection algorithm on the same database. The shield just doesn't jump up into my face to tell me so, when I'm concentrating on something else.

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