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Completely uninstall BitComet?

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Hey there. I am currently on a college campus that requires a check on our computers that forbids torrent-downloading programs and stuff like that. I used Windows' Add/Remove programs and I checked to make sure all shortcuts/download folders from BitComet were removed, but the school's software is still restricting me, saying that I have BitComet on my computer. I was wondering if there is some way to take away any remnants that might be left on my computer (such as in the registry or something). Thanks for any help you can give me!

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look in your %appdata% folder, that's where the config settings are stored by default on recent versions. If your advanced setting to use appdata is set to false, then it will either be in one of your program files folders, or in virtual store, depending on your windows version and user account settings.

If I wanted to hide bitcomet, I'd download the .zip version, which doesn't need to be installed and make sure the appdata setting is set to false then it will save all your config files within the folder you download it to. When you're not using it and want it hidden, you can move it to a removable media or put it in a passworded .rar file with encrypted file names. That should avoid detection.

However, I'd think carefully if you want to risk the future of your education over a file sharing program. Is it really worth it?

What you need is a seedbox, or you could connect remotely to a home computer and run your torrents there then you could ftp any complete tasks to your school PC.

Good Luck

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Off the top of my head, I cannot see any reason why BitComet would not run just fine off of a thumb drive. If you set BitComet not to use appdata, then all of the information should be on the thumb drive too. The only thing that would be on the hard disk would be the downloads.

Set the options not to add the ".bc!" extension to incomplete downloads, then if you pull out the thumb drive, the only evidence of BitComet would be in the menus or startup icons. You don't need them. You can always start BitComet by double-clicking bitcomet.exe in the program directory, or create a shortcut there to double-click.

TUUS is right about the risk, but it's also your computer. I dislike the idea that your college thinks they have the right to tell you what software you can put on it or not. Up theirs. Happy to help you deceive them. On the other hand, if you get caught, forget where you read this.

I'm curious now, and going to try this. Let you know if it worked.

Howsomenever, you asked for help:

In addition to The Bird's suggestions,

Search for files with the extension, ".bc!" and at least rename them to delete the extension.

Run regedit (Start -> Run -> "regedit"

and search for (Edit -> Find -> "bitcomet") BitComet remnants.

Delete all that you find. (If you've never used regedit before, take some time with it.)

Then likewise search for "bittorrent" and delete all found.

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Please make a backup of your registry before you start editing it, and make sure you understand that a damaged registry means a damaged computer, so if you're not comfortable editing system files, get someone to do it for you.

Also consider that your school might have a rule that your not allowed to have bitcomet on your computer, but they can't ask you to do more then a normal uninstall. Any traces that windows leaves behind in the registry shouldn't be an issue with your school, as long as the program files are gone, unless you're trying to prove that the computer never had bitcomet on it... in which case data recovery software could prove it was with very little effort.

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It's easier to use a cleaning application (e.g. CCleaner) to remove orphan entries in the registry, so that you don't have to do it manually.


the school's software is still restricting me, saying that I have BitComet on my computer

I doubt there can be much bargaining with the software. :)

If the admins are not very much present or are lazy, trying to bring this issue to them won't do much good either.

So, it's better to fix it locally than "lobby" for it.

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Could this be as simple as deleting the "bitcomet" sub-folder from the program files folder? I doubt this security software searches the entire harddrive of every computer connected to the lan... that would require a lot of resources.

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