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Problem with arabic subtitle encoding

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Displaying subtitles in other languages requires that support for that language be installed in Windows -- including the correct typeface and codepage. MPCStar can't install these for you or assure that you've done so. It simply requests what it wants, and Windows matches that as closely as it can -- which is usually not very, if the language support hasn't been installed.

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Ok, you might want to take a look at File Info (Ctrl-I) while a subtitled file is playing, and see how the subtitle stream is being handled.

There is nothing in particular to support, or not support, any particular language, in MPCStar. This all gets handed off to Windows, one way or another, with the exception of subtitles that are flattened down into the video stream. If that's the case, no player can affect them at all.

Subtitle streams, assuming they're in a supported format, specify the typeface to be used. Windows, as I said, tries to match the request or use the closest match that it does have. This can be way wrong. But this is not something MPCStar can control. It does a pretty good job of informing you what it is doing, though. You should look at the subtitle stream and see what typeface(s) it is calling for, then see if you can get it/them and install it/them. Or you may want to look into the mechanism that Windows uses to define "closest match", and see if you can tweak it. I don't know much about it, myself.

VLC does things quite differently, and avoids using system filters and resources as much as possible.

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If someone would provide a small sample video and subtitle file that we could send to development, then we'd have a chance at figuring out what needs to be done here. Without this, there isn't much any of us can do. I don't have arabic support on my system, nor do I have any video that has arabic subtitles, so I can't do any testing. What I can tell you is I recall a similar problem with a different language and the solution was simple, they just had to change the type of encoding so the text was handled differently by windows. I don't know if this would be a similar solution, but if you want this taken seriously, then you're going to have to provide us some files for testing.

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ps. Lets start at the beginning here to make sure you're doing this correctly.

Lets assume you have a movie named "300 movie.mkv", then you went and downloaded a file named "300subtitles.srt". The proper way to use these subtitles is to rename the file to "300 movie.srt" (must match movie name exactly), then copy it to the same folder as the movie.

Now open the movie in mpcstar and enable subtitles and they will play properly.

If they don't, then you have something wrong in your windows settings OR you have changed some settings in mpcstar.

I'm using English Windows 7 ultimate (no arabic support installed) and a default mpcstar installation. Nothing further was needed to get the subtitles to work, it was all done automatically by mpcstar.

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Perhaps you're not expressing yourself well because of the language difference, but I really don't understand what your saying/asking.

Basically, we just proved that this is a problem on your system, NOT a problem with mpcstar, so waiting for a new version won't make any difference, there is nothing to fix.

Finding the problem on your system is way beyond the confines of supporting mpcstar, but I'm not against the idea of trying to help you, but we would need a lot more information and much better communications. If your struggling with English, perhaps you know of someone who is more fluent in English AND has a technical understanding of computers and could help you relay information?

What I'm saying is that this message...

Arabic Subtitle which is in the correct explanation, but I have all the required steps, but I have not shown the right way I hope to be the next best version of the Arabic Subtitle ..

I am waiting for the new version

thank you boss .....

reads as if it was translated by a computer and makes little or no sense. At best, it could be taken to mean several different things, and at worst, it's completely nonsensical.

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open the subtitle with notepad++


1-find under encoding menu your charset (mine is cyrilic)

2-convert it to utf-8

3-save and enjoy your movie


i dont know complately how it works but,

some 'media players' has included 'charset select' in subtitle font settings and it works.

mpcstar needs to include some subtitle settings and 'webm' media support.

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you have to install Arabic fonts and language support from your Win 7 CD or xp , like Windows XP Install Extra languages and keyboard language, after this you reboot your computer. and should be working.

had this problem long time ago.

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