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video streaming?

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If you want to ask a technical question, then it's your responsibility to ask it accurately. You can't throw an acronym at us and expect us to know exactly what your trying to do, that would require more then googling, it would also require a lot of assumption.

I host all my video files on a network attached server then stream them on any of my computers using mpcstar, as well as dedicated media players like the Mvix Ultio Pro.

I also stream video hosted on the internet. As a test you can upload a small video file to fileden.com and play it with mpcstar. Assuming your internet connection is fast enough to support playback, it should work fine.

If your trying to stream using a proprietary format like adobe flash, then you need permission from them to build an app to use it. Mpcstar is not a web based player, its a personal media player, but it will stream video very nicely.

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@TUUS: I think he's speaking about including a media streaming module into MPCStar so that it would become a streaming server itself for other players/devices/game consoles on the network.

@nitrous991: If that's the case, we don't have any info from the development team on intentions to include any such thing in the near future.

If they will do that, it will come as a surprise both for us and for you.

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