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Fixing Broken AVI Function.

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If your referring to playing incomplete video files, mpcstar has always been able to do that. As long as you have the beginning and end of the file, and enough video in between to watch, it will play it, however I never use that option and it's only practical use is to see if what your downloading is what it claims to be.

It can also be handy if you have a download that never completed. If it's close to being complete, it may even play without any noticeable problems, but as far as fixing it, like replacing missing data, that's not really possible. You can play what is there, but any missing pieces are still going to be missing no matter what you do to the file.

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I think he's speaking about the function VLC has, to rewrite the index for AVI files with broken indexes.

The presumably allows you to seek through the file at normal speeds as opposed to long waiting periods for broken files.

Other applications, also have that feature (I believe VirtualDub has it also, but I haven't used it in a long time).

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I used virtual dub to fix them, but I didn't know vlc altered the file, I thought it just played the broken file like mpcstar does. I guess it could be a good feature, but I can imagine a lot of people would use it for a corrupt bittorrent download where a simple rehash would have produced a perfect file, as apposed to one that was patched together with missing pieces.

I can't say if the development team will consider this or not, but they do have a rep that reads the forum, so your suggestion will be heard.

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Actually, VLC doesn't try to patch the file itself, not the data blocks at least. It wouldn't know what to put in place.

It just rebuilds the index of the file, wherever that may lie inside the file.

That way, when the player gets to places which were previously corrupted it will treat them as valid blocks of video data.

The image will go murky, blocky or screwed up completely (depending on the length of the missing data sector) but this will be just for the viewer, for the player it will look just like any other block of valid video data, so it won't halt or crash and it will be able to seek through the file just like through any other healthy video file. That's the general idea of it, as far as I saw.

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