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bitcomet hashing problem(hash check doesn't complete)


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bitcomet 1.27

adsl broadband

router - beetel

windows vista home premium

continuing my problem from the topic started by another member

bitcomet gets stuck at a certain percentage while hashing

even after starting both tasks, one of them shows the yellow button, while the other shows the diamond button next to it




when i stop the tasks, bitcomet goes into not responding mode


checkdisk results are normal


even after moving the files using bitcomet gui, the problem remains the same

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Ok, lets try and confirm if something in bitcomet is corrupt. There are two ways you can go here. Either do a full uninstall, then reinstall, or an easier way to check is download the .zip version of bitcomet from the link in my signature, extract it and run the .exe (be sure your installed version isn't running), then open the torrent making sure your partial files are in the default folder and it should detect them and prompt you to do a hash check. If the hash check completes, then we know your current installation has something corrupt and you need to reinstall.

If it hangs too, then I'm afraid there must be something wrong with the files that chkdsk doesn't detect and the easiest solution would be to delete them and redownload.

Let us know how you make out, I don't recall seeing this exact problem where it was't a disc error, so the info could help other users.

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I confirm this issue, as I've had it happen many times myself, and again just this morning.

There seems to be something about one particular task (the actual task varies) that makes BC hang up on the hashcheck. Process Explorer shows that BC is very busy with something, just no clue what, but the percentage of the check never advances for this task.

If you hit BC over the head and restart it, but don't let it touch that task, it will hashcheck any others just fine, then proceed. If you then start the task in question, you go back into limbo, and BC stops responding. You have to delete the task, because it isn't going to proceed.

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Can we get some magnet links for tasks that won't hash check, and I'll send them off to development.


ps. "right click" on the task and select "copy magnet uri", then paste it into a reply here or send it to me in a private message.

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Same problem here with v1.29, before downloading the hash check starts on one particular torrent, and the progress bar never changes while the CPU is pumping out at 50%.

So I select STOP and the hourglass shows up and the program freezes, I have to taskill bitcomet.

So I restarted Bitcomet and under Advanced settings I changed bittorrent.hash_check_if_file_changed =FALSE and it started downloading again then changed the settings back. Then I also changed bittorrent.hash_check_on_finished =True.

Hope it finishes w/o any corruption... B)

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