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Reduce memory usage


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Bit comet Beta

ADSL connection (512 KBits/s)

D-Link Glb 802-c modem

Net gear WGR614v6

Windows 7 ultimate (fully updated)

Microsoft security essentials

windows firewall

Bit comet uses my 100-150 MB of RAM as compared to 10-15 MB usage of other torrent clients

I have already disabled features like LT seeds and e mule

Is there any way to reduce the memory usage?

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Disc cache uses ram memory to hold data that is expected to be needed from the harddrive regularly. Doing this will prevent disc overload and increase the service life of your harddrive, but it will use as much ram as you let it use. If your system has available ram, then I recommend using it liberally, if not you can reduce or even disable disc cache.

Other clients use windows disc caching which is less efficient, but will show you the illusion of using less memory because the caching of data is done by other processes, so won't be listed in the memory your client uses.

The problem with letting windows cache your disc read/writes is windows sees data being read and sent out so it holds it only long enough to complete that transfer, but bitcomet's intelligent disc cache will know what data is likely to be requested again and continue to hold it in cache, so in theory, you have 1 disc read to send the data 1000 times or more, but with windows, it will re-read the data and recache it 1000 times.

Some users have even used disc cache sizes over a 1GB, which is why we developed the 64bit version. 32bit windows apps cannot use more then 2GB of memory but the day when this limit will become a problem is already approaching, so we're glad to be the first major client to offer a stable 64bit version that can now handle disc cache sizes upto a whopping 16GB.

So now I explained that you can reduce memory usage by disabling disc cache, and more important, why you shouldn't do that.

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There are to many factors to consider, so I can't tell you a specific number to use. Even if I knew all the specs of your system, one amount of disc cache may work for certain tasks, but other tasks could make the memory usage go above your desired limit.

A better way to control the memory used is the "shrink disc cache if free physical memory is below" setting. This will reduce the cache when your computer really needs the memory.

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I did want to add that there is nothing wrong with using a lot of memory, just all by itself. Memory is there to be used, and does you no good if it isn't being used. If one application can use more of it without hindering or slowing anything else down, then by all means use the memory.

It's not a problem until you begin to see symptoms of actual problems, like things slowing down.

A memory leak is something different, but that usually grows and grows until it finally DOES cause slowdowns and problems.

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