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10-bit Upgrade.


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So when are you guys going to upgrade the player so it can play 10-bit videos correctly??

I could easily download the new codec packs. But there is always that risk of it contradicting with the codecs provided by the MPCStar player.

Soooo anytime soon? New release?

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x264 encoded video supports 9 and 10bit color depth, and mpcstar plays all x264 without issue, so I'm not sure what your referring to about playing it "correctly".

As for installing codecs, if you have a type of video that doesn't play, install it's codec, not an entire pack of unneeded codecs. If you install a single codec and it causes a problem, then provide a small video sample, and the codec and we'll send it off to development, but there is nothing I can do with such a vague request, because first of all, it already supports 10bit color depth, and if there is some type of video encoding that is commonly available that it doesn't play, you've failed to provide either a proper description, nor a sample.

If you do have a problem, and can provide something specific, we'll pass it on and I'm sure it will get worked on.

edit: forgot to post link... 10 bit support x264

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Thank you for your response.

Whenever I try playing a 10-bit video(And this has started to be a new norm with all Encoders in the sub teams for Anime/Hentai out ) I get sploshes of water color like stuff, all throughout my video.


Happens every time for any 10-bit video. And all videos arent from the same subbing team.

I read that page u linked me to about the details of the codec. And it seems that it has true support for 8-bit but they just through in 9 and 10 for the heck of it.

Subbers are talking about updating your codecs. SO surely there must be a codec that is dedicated to 10-bit no?

I havent bothered doing my research on that. But everyone is going around telling others to update ur codecs like a new true 10-bit codec was released recently or something.

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There is no 10bit codec, but if a type of video adds support for a new feature, there will be a new codec for that video. You'd need to know what type of video encoding it was using. The link I posted was for x264 encoding, which is the Scene standard for all High Definition video. Xvid is the standard for regular definition.

Find out what codec your video uses and get the latest version and install it. A properly tagged release should have the video codec in the file name, or you can use tools to analyze the video file itself.

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You should be able to switch to the new codec from within the ffdshow video configuration window provided by the Start menu of MPCStar.

For isntance, if you install the standalone CoreCodec for decoding H.264 encoded video then you will be able to find CoreCodec among the options to decode AVC/H.264 in ffdshow and choose it, thus implicitly disabling the previous filter.

This way they will not conflict.

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I tried to avoid obtaining 10-bit videos, but subbers are starting to release their material in 10-bit and Im telling you right now, your player cant play 10 bit videos properly. Theres obviously a new H264 codec out there.

I downloaded the latest CCP codecs. And miraculously , the player was able to play 10 bit videos. But then few hours later, the sound started failing, so I would only get picture. Iam confused as to what caused this audio failure or conflict between the FFDshow audio codecs and the CCP audio codecs.

Now whenever I uninstall the CCP , the audio starts working again on MPCStar but if I have it uninstalled, I can no longer play 10-bit videos properly.

I mean, has anyone looked into this? H264 codec must have been upgraded or something.

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