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misleading tittle bar

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it's been happening for a while now,I already know title bar won't get updated in real time so there will be a difference of speed showed in the task and in the title bar. but, now I'm seeding 2 tasks for hours(there aren't any other running task), obviously there is nothing to download. but in the title bar it says 'download 2-3 KB/s' all the time what am i downloading?even when the completed tasks are stopped and LT seeding is disabled, it still show 'download 2-3 KB/s' it happens with all the torrents it's making me worried.force me to remove torrents off the task list when they are completed.

OS: windows 7 SP1 (x64)

bitcomet: 1.30 (X64)

PS: to mods

there are three identical posts,probably happened when I got some gateway error while trying to post.that's why I moved to different tab and ended up posting in bug report.please delete all replicas except this topic http://www.cometforums.com/topic/12797354-misleading-tittle-bar/ sorry for the mess

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I removed the duplicate topics, no problem.

The title bar shows the gross download including overhead. This includes tracker data and peer requests and replies to your requests, so if nothing is downloading, then the amount shown is just communications.

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Thank you so much :)

ya,but even when the task are stopped? ,what communication it could possibly have ?only thing I can think of is comet ID,even so there should be upload speed too right? because it involves sending data (stat) from my computer right? but i don't see any upload speed.

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DHT traffic isn't specifically related to running tasks.

Your client participates permanently in the DHT Network as a DHT node, especially if you have an open port.

Think of it this way: When you add a trackerless torrent (it doesn't contain any tracker URL) from thepiratebay.org for instance, it still comes alive in the end, right?

Well that's because your client queries the DHT network (which is made up of DHT nodes such as yourself, no servers here, - that's why it's called Distributed Hash Table Network) and finds a download location (peer) for that .torrent file, as well as a peer list on some of the DHT nodes.

But you're not the only one who might be seeking a torrent at any point. There may be thousands of other clients out there launching requests. Sure enough, they're not all served by you, instead queries are distributed among nodes following a more complex and intelligent algorithm, but as long as you're part of the network there will be some amount of traffic.

If you want to know more about DHT read here:

What are peers, seeds, torrent, tracker, DHT, Peer Exchange (PEX), and Magnet Links?


DHT on Wikipedia.

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