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New to this & Soooo confused! Any help is much appreciated! :-)


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Hello Everyone :-)

I'm new to all of this.. I admit the extent of my p2p sharing is downloading a few songs from 'Limewire' years ago. My 17 year old Son just recently informed me that I can also download & share software, movies, etc. My question is... HOW? This is sooo confusing! I've been trying to download the "*name of copyrighted software removed by staff" software for almost a week now.. but I have NO clue what it's doing. The progress was up to 99.2% at one point, but now it is actually going down? I would REALLY appreciate any advice.. help.. pointers you might have. Also, how can I share my own software & movies for others to download?

Thanks a bunch! :-)

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We can't help you download copyrighted software, but we can help you use bitcomet client. I'm not sure what's wrong with the task that your downloading, normally the progress shouldn't go down, but with all p2p downloading, it requires that others are uploading the material your trying to download, if there are no complete copies available, then it will never finish.

I suggest you try something else, you may have just picked a torrent that isn't fully available.

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Thanks Eagle! :)

I'm thinking I should perhaps start from scratch and do a little research.. (make that a lot, actually) before I even attempt another download, considering I'm still not completely sure what torrents, Seeders, Leeches, etc. actually are. I know.. pathetic, isn't it? lol {Hanging my head in shame} :unsure:

Are there any web sites or forums that you can recommend to explain these things in detail for 'Newbies' like myself? Are there actual websites I can go to search for/locate the software, files, etc. that I want, or is that what BitComet is for? Also, how can I make sure my computer & internet connection are set up correctly to download/upload correctly? I just purchased a new computer system as follows:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2400S CPU @ 2.50GHz

2.50 GHz

RAM: 6.00 GB

System Type: 64-bit

Windows 7 Home Premium

** I did buy an external drive to hold extra memory/storage.


As for Internet connection, modems & routers:

I have Cable Internet connection. I can't recall the speed, but I do know I got the fastest package because of the games my Son plays.

I bought the modem through my cable company.

I have a Linksys Wireless Router.

The cable guy also hooked up a 3rd box (looks simular to a modem) but I have no clue what it is, or what it is for. (It has 'Cisco' written on the front, if that helps?)

I am currently using McAfee, which came pre-installed on the computer with a free 3 month trial. However, I think they are TERRIBLE and will either be switching back to Kaspersky or trying out AVG.

Sorry for all of the questions.. Feel free to tell me if I'm a lost cause & should just give it up. lol ;) I would REALLY.. REALLY appreciate ANY help you can offer! *Btw, I apologize for listing the name of the software. I seen that it was removed, so I'm assuming that's a 'No No'. See? I really am a quick learner! :D

Have a great day!

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You can read our wikipedia site at http://wiki.bitcomet.com for guides and tutorials about pretty much all you'd need to know about torrents and using BitComet.

As for the task going backwards from 99% it's most likely your antivirus deleting one of it's files. Go to the "Files" lower tab in BitComet and see what file isn't completed. Then check any logs kept by your antivirus. But if this is the case I recommend removing the download completely and looking for another source, just to be safe..

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Just to answer a couple of your other questions:

"Cisco" is one of the big players in networking equipments and technologies (think Microsoft for a hint at a similar animal) so no, just the name doesn't mean a lot. But if you look closer around the box or flip it over, you'll probably see a model name/number which might clear the mystery up.

Unless you intend paying for an antivirus subscription (in which case you can stick with whatever you feel you like) I recommend going a free antivirus; that way you won't have to deal with annoying warnings that your definitions are out of date, on a constant basis. Avira and Avast are among the best free ones.

As for listing a name of a copyrighted software, well, it never ceases to amaze me how people "brag" online about stuff they actually steal (sic!).

You need to be aware that material which is copyrighted is actually illegally found free-of-charge online in most of cases (there are some notable exceptions though). I'm not advocating the case of the copyright holders here, just refreshing everyone's memory on the current legislation.

So, it's more or less like bragging in the vicinity of the police precinct about the "job" you did on the jewelery store downtown, a couple of days ago. Not a very smart move, eh?

Think of BitComet (or any other BitTorrent client) as of a tool. It helps people share stuff in the BitTorrent network. The BitTorrent client, the protocol and the BitTorrent Network doesn't know and doesn't care what stuff it transfers (think of the mail system).

It can be used by companies or software creators to easily share and distribute their stuff at low costs (no high-end sever costs for hosting the files involved since the load is supported by the swarm of users). You can find and download most Linux distributions by this means, which is cheap and effective for everybody.

It can be used to share LOTS of legal stuff (think personal made video, music and images, also think artists who want to freely distribute their creations to promote themselves, think thousands of classic art works, books or music pieces which are NOT any longer under the copyright law's jurisdiction but part of the universal cultural heritage. And lots of other uses.).

But just like any other tool it can be used to do some illegal stuff (i.e. sharing/downloading copyrighted material such as movies and music that wasn't released for free access to the public).

Whatever you choose to do with it it's your decision and responsibility; just make sure that you know at who's door the guys in black suits will be knocking. B)

I'll leave the rest of the train of thought to you... Be safe and happy torrenting! ;)

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