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Control bitcomet from other place?


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Let's say I have my bitcomet running on my home computer.

And then I go outside, meet my friend and so on (and so on....)

I wonder if I could check my bitcomet tasks while I am outside~~ it would be even better if I could actually add, stop, and delete task (only without deleting the file) while I am on it~~

Is it possible?

I have tried that "remote download" feature, but I can't seem to make it work~~ I tried accessing the webpage from my blackberry or my other computer (with different internet isp) and nothing works, basically the webpage is blocked (while it works fine if I access the webpage from the computer that does the bitcomet downloading task)

Thanks for reading:)

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You have to know what you're doing to use the Remote Download feature. It presupposes a thorough understanding of networks, and if you don't have that, there is no documentation to help you along. You have to know how to configure your network so that an external machine can access the BitComet client acting as a server.

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You need to forward the port used by the remote interface, so that it's open for incoming connections.

Then you'll need to know your public IP. If that's dynamic you'll probably need to register a dynamic DNS account.

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i'll try to help

step 1, just follow the images


step 2,


final step 3, notice your router modem will not be the same as mine, check google for your model how to do this


the web interface


add and remove torrents through the torrent interface


thats about it

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