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Rank won't go up after multiple 0-99%'s

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I'd never heard that there was any correlation between the two -- that the % bar indicated how far you were from the next rank.

Of course, I have no idea what it DOES mean, and info about this is hard to come by.

I find it impossibly difficult to care about the whole thing, myself. I've never noticed it make any difference at all to my speed.

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The cometID website has a graph that explains how the score relates to your rank. As for it helping your download speed, each rank allows upto one more connection to LTseed peers. I doubt you'd notice any difference with one connection, but there would be a significant difference between a recruit and a general, but I too pay no mind to where I am. Last I checked I was a colonel, but seems now I'm a general something...

If you feel there is a problem, then I'd need to have some stats to submit to development demonstrating the problem. Dated screenshots that show your score reverting to a lower level, or having a reached a higher score with out the rank increasing. Without specific facts that are docummented, not much can be done. We can't chase after the cause of a meter going up and down, it's far to vague.

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On every level, prior to Lt. Colonel, my experience went from 0 to 99%, then it went to the next "rank."

I understand that you have to go through 4 levels to go from Lt. Colonel to the next level.

However, I have gone through SEVEN levels at Lt. Colonel without my rank increasing to the next level.

It appears to be stuck.

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