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AVAST Malicious site detected, triggered by Bitcomet


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I just clicked on the link that you provided and received this...


... but BitComet isn't even installed on the computer that I'm using, at the moment.

I don't think that it's BitComet that is at fault, in this instance - rather, the link is.

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En mi caso fue bitcomet el proceso que intenta abrir este sitio. En tu caso fue firefox porque tu lo pusiste en la barra de dirección e intentaste abrirlo...Lo que se me ocurre es que uno de los magnets que puse a bajar tiene incluida la tarea de conectarse a este sitio y posiblemente sea un fake...estoy esperando bajar todas las tareas que tengo pendientes y ver cual es el infectado. Aunque no lo creas me sigue apareciendo el mensaje cada cierto tiempo...Gracias y un saludo hasta Gran Canaria

In my case, it wasBitComet that was the process that tried to open this site. In your case it was Firefox, because you put the URLin the address bar and tried toopen it...

What comes to mind is that one of the magnet links that I had set to download, includes the task of connecting to this site and is possibly a fake... I'm waiting to download all of the tasks that I have pending, and then see which one is infected.

As hard to believe as it may sound, every so often I stillkeepgetting the message...

Thank you and regards to Gran Canaria.

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You've downloaded something with some malware in it. There are fake video torrents that prompt you to install (insert name of the latest rogue video player) in order to play the content. In this case the offending trojan is Coral Player, but there have been many. Just delete the associated task and you'll be fine.

ps. Typing in Spanish isn't doing Cassie a favor, it's just creating more work for her to do as your post will need to be translated into English now. Please use English if possible. Thank You.

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