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How many ports is BC using?

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How many ports should BC use? After starting BC I open a cmd window and type netstat -ano to view what ports are in use and i see BC is using more ports then I set in the BC options, all the PIDS match BC's PID and the ports are way out of range of the port I set for BC, I even have plug and play disabled in my router so I'm forced to open ports for BC and other programs.

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bitcomet uses only one port for incoming connections, which is the only port you need open. Outgoing connections don't need an open port because you're initiating the connection, so they could be on any random port.

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I guess you're confused about what you see.

BitComet uses 1 listening port number which is technically 2 ports with the same number (one for TCP and one for UDP).

It will use a second listening port if you enable the remote web control interface.

These are ports registered from the application startup and used for listening on incoming connections.

But it can use dozens of outgoing ports for the different connections it initiates itself since a default behavior of most applications is to use a new unused port for each new TCP connection which it opens, as TUUS pointed out.

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Incoming connections don't stay on the listen port, they move off to another by mutual agreement, so that the listen port is freed up to, well, listen for another connection.

This is why TCP packets have the structure they do, so that computers can manage their port traffic. Every packet includes the address and port number that the receiver is to respond to.

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