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I did a search here on "anonymous" and read in a post that Tor project forbids use for p2p. Does that still hold and does it apply to bit comet? I currently use peer guardian , is that the best Im going to do unless I get some kind of subscription like VIP or others?

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If you try to use torrents on the tor network you're going to make a lot of people angry and probably end up getting your IP blocked from that network, additionally it will slow you to a crawl speedwise. TOR use donated bandwidth from volunteers worldwide and sending massive amounts of data through a dozen volunteers computers for no good reason would be seen as hostile. Additionally anyone trying to make a remote connection to you would be rejected by TOR because they would have no way to know where to send it. TOR has no provision for dedicated listening ports, and on connections you initiate, anyone sending you data would soon drop you as a trading partner when it takes you far to long to reply as each packet travels back and forth across the planet before getting to you and any data you send in return would probably be abandoned by the time it gets there.

If you need to be anonymous then your options are few. VIP would be a good option when all the bugs are worked out of it, but for now you might need to operate a remote server in a country that doesn't let anti p2p groups intimidate them. Of course this isn't a cheap option and vip would be better for most users who aren't planning on downloading massive amounts of data, but I can't recommend it until some of the issues are fixed.

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