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Listen Port Blocked But Its Not My Router/Modem

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1. I'm running Bitcomet 1.32

2. I have an Adsl connection

3. I'm using a Netgear Wireless N300 Adsl +2 Modem Router DGN2200v3

4. Windows 7, Windows Firewall, Avast Free Antivirus

I opened bit comet the other day to find that my listen port has randomly blocked (or so it seems) it was green....

I'm quite sure its not the modem/router because my brother is using the same wireless as me and he has the green light.

I've made an exception in windows firewall.

Also i've made a program exception in avast for bit comet.

My brother is using bit torrent so i installed that and still no light which makes me think theres no point in reinstalling bit comet. I also tried using the same port as him and no joy.

Please help me,

Max :)

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Perhaps your brother's client managed to open the port via UPnP(universal plug and play) but this protocol is highly unreliable and you should use static port forwarding instead.

You need to create a port forwarding rule in the router for each pc.Read it's manual on how it's done. By skimming through it myself I see that you have to access it's web interface with your browser (address: log-in with the default username admin and password password(page 20) and go to Advanced > Port Forwarding (page 47). Make sure you spell the LAN IP addresses of both computers right in both rules and that you allow both TCP and UDP traffic on the listening ports.

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Do realize that you have limited bandwidth and that this will not increase it. Both clients will be trying to grab all that they can. Effectively, you won't be able to both use bittorrent at the same time, or else you will have to live with very slow speeds and, likely, you will start to interfere with all other internet use.

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