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yellow light Bit Comet blocked !!no internet connection for other then bit comet source

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Hi.I have a big problem with my bit comet.when my bit comet is on I am loosing connection all the time.what I mean is my browser is not opening any website.I was trying anything to resolve this problem.without any results .the weird thing is that is blocking connection on my router.I know that because I am also using internet on my phone(from the same wi fi router.) it is very simple.if I want to download I can not use internet at the same time.I also have yellow light .that means my port is blocked!!! I have checked my firewall and bit comet is ok. please help!!!! I am using windows 7 #64 and upc internet connection.

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This is a problem with your router, basically it's unable to handle the number of connections your asking it to make so they are getting queued. The best option would be to get a better router, but if you're stuck using this one then check if there are any firmware upgrades available for it, if not then you're only option is to limit the number of connections bitcomet makes to a number that your router can handle.

The procedure to do this has been posted in the FAQs and dozens of times in the forum.

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Try reading this topic, it will walk you through ways to limit how many connections bitcomet opens in your router.


If setting to a very conservative number instantly fixes the problem, then you'll need to do some testing to learn how much your router can handle. For efficient downloads you want to make as many as your bandwidth can support, but not so many as to make your router non-responsive.

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