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Too Complicated and too slow !!!!!!!!

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There must be a better way of downloading stuff.......emule ......seeders.....etc etc.,,,,,,

surely there has to be a better way of doing things......

All I want is to download stuff that I like.......and share ....

for fukk sake......

life is s***......and it seems this downloading is shite too........

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I'll also add that you have no idea how much time and effort has gone into making this easy for you, yet you complain because you don't want to have to actually learn how to do something that really isn't difficult. Anyone who can graduate highschool on their own merits can easily setup any bittorrent client in less then 5 minutes. If they never did something like this before it make take a couple hours of research, but we've made that easy for you having everything you need to know in our forum and FAQs.

If you don't want to learn then pay someone to set it up for you. You can probably find a student in any university or technical school that would do it for about $50. You can also post an advertisement on Craigslist asking for bids for someone to setup your bittorrent client and configure your router and firewalls, test your broadband speed and adjust your client accordingly.

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