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Help regarding the Bitcomet goes to appdata

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1) What version of BitComet are you using?

Ans: 1.29

2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)?

Ans. DSL

3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port?

Ans. have router, using wifi

4) If you have more than one router, be sure to mention the make and model of both devices, how are they connected (i.e. in which connector of both devices is the network cable plugged) and which one of the devices is connected to or is the modem.

Also, if you have more than one computer make sure to mention in this case, to which router is every one of them connected.

Ans: i am the only one using the router by wifi.

5) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use?

ans. windows 7, antivirus=none, firewall=i dont knw i just upgraded it a while a go

SO heres the situation

My drive C is Currently in Deepfreeze (Appdata is under drive C)

i put the download Files in the drive D and the bitcomet so that deepfreze will not affect them.

after i install the bitcomet some of the files (Fav and Rules) goes to APPDATA>ROAMING

i start to download and pause it cause i wanna try what will happen and of course im in deep freeze, if i restart the computer anything happens to C will erase (appdata is in drive C) my current download/pause are also gone.

anyone how to fix this??

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You can move your entire user profile off of C: and to wherever you want, subject to caveats. Or you can just move %appdata% and put a link in its place.

Given that a lot of programs use %appdata%, this is probably a good idea in your situation, but given that a lot of programs use %appdata%, this does partially defeat the whole idea of deepfreeze. In my experience, a lot of malware gets written into %appdata%, and moving it off C: means that deepfreeze would no longer protect against that malware. It's really meant to keep systems in a known state, preventing anybody from installing anything on them permanently. It's not very suitable for a home system.

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Unless it's been changed lately I believe the portable (.zip) version of bitcomet will save all config files in the location you run it from. Try downloading it from our archives (link in signature) and try it and report.

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hello thankyou for your fast reply, i dont knw what did i do but it seems ok now. and thats also for the info regarding the appdata, im gonna try it ^_^

anyway i have another question, i would like google chrome will be my default browser and downloader but when i try to download a file using chrome, it is not directly conecting to bitcomet.

sorry for my english >.<

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