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My account has been forbidden from VIP


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First, sorry for all inconvenience brought to you.

Because the current Vip-acceleration servise is still a beta version which may be unstable for some users. Our development team are working on this issue but it still needs time.

Please wait with patience for some time, if it still fails to work, you can apply for a refund on paypal. I will handle the refund.

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"Forbidden" is not accurate, and it sounds as if the user has violated a rule or done something wrong. In most cases the message should be

"VIP acceleration, a prepaid service, is not currently enabled on your account.

Please contact the forum administrator if you feel this is in error."

That covers "you haven't paid for it yet", "your subscription has expired", and "you were sent a refund per your request", all in one message and without seeming to accuse anyone of anything, and suggests something for them to do about it if they think there's a legitimate problem.

Bear in mind that not everyone is going to know that this is a paid service (the ad does not say so!), and can discover VIP "by accident" through exploring BitComet, without even knowing that they are supposed to pay for VIP until they get this message. We need to be polite to those people.

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After verification we find you've had your refund on August 25 so that you can not have VIP acceleration service for the moment. Please check your refund records.


Right, but here I am talking about My Score.

My Score is: 40153, that's mean I can use VIP acceleration service.

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We've made free trial available to you. Please check your account. Besides, since you've bought our product, I'd like to ask you for a favour. Some people said that they failed to use our service. How about your using experience.? Can you share it with us?

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