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logging problem with windows 7 64bit


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Hi all;

im a registered user of bitcomet and i was logging normally to my account in my old computer it was windows xp ,i have now new computer with windows 7 64bit system,and i cant log in to my account,it show only the progress of sign in(see the attachment)....please help me..



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If it works with the firewall disabled, then the system is probably already infected. It's NEVER necessary to disable the firewall. If the firewall is suspected as the problem then the answer is to open the listen port -- to CONFIGURE the firewall, not turn it off altogether. No one should ever connect to the internet without a known working firewall. It takes more time to take a shower than to get infected.

One group trying to test this subject reported that they couldn't even finish installing Windows before their test system became infected.

Once a system has been exposed, it need complete and thorough cleaning -- because most of the really bad infections do their best to conceal their existence and make sure you never find out that they are present. No one product can do the job of cleaning. You need an antivirus, an anti-spyware product, anti-malware and a rootkit decector. You need to run them all on any system that you've exposed to the internet without a firewall, for any length of time.

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That attached image doesn't show a sign-in in progress. It shows one that hasn't started yet.

If your issue is that the sign-in isn't automatic anymore, this is because you have not instructed the newly-installed BitComet to sign in automatically each time.

Options -> Service -> Sign in CometID automatically.

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I also have been using Bitcomet in Windows XP. Upon loading onto new laptop, I am prompted for a login password. I entered password and got a login failure. I went to CometID to reset password, reset it, and tried again, but no go. I can't even get into the Bitcomet program to tinker with options. So I uninstalled/reinstalled Bitcomet, but still cannot get into the program. Help!


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cannot get into the program.

You are going to have to express yourself better, this statement is so vague that I really don't know what you mean.

Also, this topic is about a very specific problem with logging into comet ID, an optional service, and your problem doesn't seem to be related so you should make a new topic after reading the topic in my signature and providing all the required info.

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hamid, lets start this support request over from the beginning so we can do it properly. Please read the link in my signature titles "READ THIS before posting" and reply with all the required info about your computer and internet connection.

Then also answer this...

Do you use any IP address filtering programs or block lists?

Are you able to log into your account at cometID.com?

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