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"Don't ask me again" feature on task deletion

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Why don't you add a feature "Don't ask me again" on task deletion dialog window? When I press Delete a dialog window appears which asks me what I wanna do. On that window there's enough space to add another checkbox whose function will be to save selected functions and hide that dialog forever.


"What would you like to do with the chosen tasks?

• Delete task only

• Delete task and downloaded files

Remove from torrents history"

So what I'm suggesting is one more checkbox:

Don't ask again / Don't show this dialog again

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the only issue I see with that is if a person later cannot figure out how to restore the option window. Since bitcomet has the optional "torrent history" feature, we really need to have a confirmation to be sure the person understands all the options, so I'm not sure if this would be a good idea for all users.

May I suggest an alternative, instead of adding the option you speak of, add an advanced option to have a default delete without confirmation, this way a person would need to go into the options to find this setting and therefore would know how to undo it should the need arise, as in my opinion this option should not be in plain view of novice users.

Thank you for the suggestion and I'm sure our development team will consider your suggestion.

ps. Nice Camaro!!!

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