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Hi BitComet community. I love, love BC! Anyhow I have come with a problem...


Is there a way to select a bunch of tasks and change their save location? When I select 2+ tasks and go to Properties, it will bring Statistical Information instead of the Task Properties so that I can change the location.

First off let me explain that I'm the type of person who likes to have one save folder for a while so a lot of my tasks will go there unless I need it to be somewhere specific. I have multiple HDDs and I will move things around to balance the amount of space on each drive.

BitComet 1.30


One of the drives fails, but I manage to rescue my download data and I move the majority of it into a secondary save directory on a working drive. I no longer use that failed drive letter, and now my task list is littered with the "Stopped [Warning: Downloaded file missing.]" yellow "!" error messages in the infobubble space for all the tasks that are associated with that failed drive. It also means that I cannot access the file via the Detailed Info Pane>File or the Play button for those that use that feature unless I correct it.

[Current Fix]

Currently, to correct this I have to go through each task and do the whole Properties->change Save Destination thing and Manually Hash Check it one by one. It works well, but unfortunately there must be hundreds--no, thousands maybe--of tasks with this error.

I've actually had this misfortune for a while now but I've only now taken it upon myself to try to correct. [Edit] I tried to Google my situation but I could not find a solution, or maybe I didn't use the correct terms. I hope I made everything clear! [/Edit] I appreciate any help at all! Thanks.

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I'm not sure if there is a simple solution for you, but if you know in advance that you're going to want to move the downloading/seeding tasks to a new location you can do the move from within bitcomet and it will continue the task/s upon completing the move. Otherwise you can manually move the files and edit the location. When restarting the task it is possible to abort the hash check to save time, but I wouldn't recommend it especially if there was some type of error, the hash check is the only way to be sure the files survived intact.

There is a way to edit all your download locations at once but I don't recommend it.

*proceed at your own risk*

1st step, make a copy of your "downloads.xml" file and keep it in a safe place.

2nd step, edit the downloads.xml file and change the path to the new location of your files then save the changes and start bitcomet.

If you made all the changes correctly this should work, but there is no margin for error.

Location of the downloads.xml file varies depending on many factors but a recent installation using a recent windows version will be in your %appdata% folder under "bitcomet".

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How about this simple solution:

  1. Stop all the tasks for which you want to move the files.
  2. Select them all at once.
  3. Right-click them and choose Files Move To and then choose your new desired location. (At present time there is a bug in BC that will NOT allow you to do anything else in BC while the move is ongoing, but if you don't mind doing something else while this is taking place then you should be set.)

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