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New to BitComet and new to BitTorrent. There are Torrent files I need to download. I tried utorrent and didn't have much luck. BitComet has a easier interface but am stopped there also. Seems like this ought to be easier, but so far trying to discover what is wrong has been a mess. If I were familiar with Torrent, it might be easier.

Am running on a cheap Windows XP SP3 laptop. Some of the BitComet new user posts were helpful. I've made some progress. The BitComet Status Bar has me signed in with the orange BitComet logo. To the right, I have a green orb with "DHT Connected:1". Finally to its right, I have yellow orb with the message "Blocked:" with an IP address and the port assigned to BitComet. Clearly, there is something wrong here. In a tiny pane at the bottom left is the BitComet orange orb with message "Connecting to server...".

I'm out of ideas for tonight. I'll pursue it in the morning.

I should add that this is a Laptop with a Wifi adapter. I am connecting thru a public Wifi network at the community college. They likely have their own firewall. I normally use the Outpost firewall, but disabled and replaced with the Windows firewall so that I could try the suggestions on this forum.

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Your public network is never going to allow an open listening port so basically you only have half an internet connection, you can initiate connections to trade with peers, but none of the peers and initiate a connection to you. Unless you get a full internet connection you aren't going to get good performance using any peer to peer file sharing.

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