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I would have offered some advice, but you didn't really ask for any, nor did you even explain what problem you're having. Cassie didn't offer you any advice simply because she was as confused as the rest of us. For one thing, if you're asking for advice about why your computer won't shut off with windows 8, don't you think it would be a good idea to mention what computer you are using and how you went about installing your new windows version?

Anyway, you'd probably be best posting this question in a windows forum, but to save yourself a lot of time, you should post everything you know about the computer and the exact version you installed and how you installed it, otherwise you're only going to get questions not solutions, or more likely no response at all since it's usually expected for the person requesting help to provide this info without asking.

The people who volunteer time on these forums generally like to spend it helping people, not wasting the time to ask for the basic info that should have been included in the first post. Most forums have guidelines for making support requests, read them carefully and provide all the info so you can get the best help possible. You may find out that your specific model has a problem with windows 8 that may, or may not have been fixed with a software update.

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