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An Android app Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

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Hi Dear Friends,

I don't know why Bitcomet has no effort & enthusiasm for running Android App that are used by near to Billions customers all around the World,Please everyone who has relationship or connection to Managers of Bitcomet make or got some pressure on them and . . . !!?

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there is a very basic web user interface that should work on an android device that supports web browsing, but if you want to run your bitcomet computer remotely from an android app I'm sure you could write one yourself.

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there is a very basic web user interface...

Ctrl + P - Advanced - Remote Download

As Guardian Eagle suggested, I find this quite useful and good enough for the purposes you guys described. Is it not? You just need to use your favorite Android browser. A dedicated BitComet app would provide no substantial benefits, other than, perhaps, attracting new users.

There are also other apps for remotely controlling the entire desktop such as TeamViewer and AVStreamer. Nevertheless, BitComet's own web interface is much easier to use.

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