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[New] V 1.37 BitComet Beta 3 [20131209] has been released


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Dear all,

The latest beta version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it from HERE


[2013.12.9] 1.37 beta3

GUI Bugfix: fix crash when adding folder to candidate directory list in Options dialog

GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of unable to run under Windows XP SP3

[2013.12.4] 1.37 beta2

GUI Bugfix: install package supports Windows 8.1

GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of missing file extension name when start download by Magnet URI

[2013.11.29] 1.37 beta1

GUI Improved: add download speed/progress graph in task summary pane

GUI Improved: add download size in total, upload size in total, torrent create time in task list, hidden by default

GUI Improved: display new finished tasks in bold

GUI Improved: display proxy server connection errors in task log

GUI Improved: after hash checking, mark the banned and removed files in piece map as empty

GUI Improved: improve the operation of open file, open folder and invoke anti-virus software, avoid UI not response

GUI Improved: add new language: Kurdish

GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of missing file extension name when start download by Magnet URI

GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of not keeping selection state when switch between task list and torrent exchange list

Core Improve: improve Firefox extension to support multiple Firefox versions

Core Bugfix: fix the bug of the save folder of HTTP/FTP file is not set to the desired one from remote download webpage

Based on the stable version v1.36

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.

Thank you for your support,

The BitComet Team

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hi admin heres the feedback on bitcomet beta2 v1.37 32bit & 64bit. FACED SAME PROBLEM. hope it'll helps with some clue with the existing problem that i faced after installation.

1. clean unistalled of previous bitcomet than installed v1.37 beta2. NO PROBLEM DURING INSTALLATION PROCESS.

2. PROBLEM APPREARED DURING SETTING. you can create new download folder but cant even change it.

3. when i tried to check in the box, the bitcomet is restarrting as per pic no 2.

for info this porblem occured on wins 8. havent try yet on wins 7. thank you very much to the developer & admin for your hard working.

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I can confirm that the program does crash when using the gui to change or add a download folder, but if you type the name and path of the folder in the top of the window it works properly without causing the program to crash.

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the unusual suspect> yes you're rite but normally the unused folder can be deleted. i always used 1 folder that i created for download. just for safety of my computer & data. of course bitcomet can link to AV but if something missed than it is easily can be detected. so complex to tells. i just brought this matter to the teams so they can make improvement to the app. anyway thank for your commitment to the group. you have my respect. thanks again

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