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Download stalled at 77.4% will not finish, any suggestions


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I have a movie I'm downloading and it wont finish up. Its been stuck at 77.4% for the past few hours. On other occasions when this happens it usually finishes up but slowly. But this one is at a dead stop and not moving. I don't know if I just have to start all over again or find a new torrent to download from. Are there any suggestions in squeezing the last 20 or so percent out of this.

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Here is a suggestion. Add more trackers to the properties. Sometimes the old trackers have removed the tracking for older torrents. If you add more trackers, there is a possibility that some new trackers have picked up tracking that particular torrent.

Watch your downloads and if the percentage doesn't rise, then the torrent may be dead.

Also, you may want to check to be sure the Find peers using DHT network and Find peers using peer exchange are selected in Task Properties Advanced tab. .

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Adding trackers to a torrent won't help if the torrent isn't registered with the trackers, all it will do is upset a lot of tracker admins who are having their servers hammered by all the people who add long lists of trackers by people who don't understand how torrents work.

Imagine if you wanted to call your friend but there was no answer, so you decide to add more phone numbers to the list so you have a better chance of calling him so you just grab any random number you can find from anywhere and instead of just trying the number once and deleting, you call it back every 15mins running 24/7. Pretty soon all these people will block your number but they'd probably prefer to shoot you instead if they could lol

Most bittorrent trackers are run on a shoestring budget paid for by some generous person or donations from users and when their tracker gets hammered by connections from unregistered torrents it makes their tracker unresponsive, forcing them to purchase more bandwidth or start banning IP addresses and if you end up getting banned from trackers you'll be creating a problem that doesn't exist.

What you can do is add one or two "Open Trackers". If you don't know what an open tracker is you should do some reading or not do this at all, but an open tracker can sometimes help although most torrents already have at least one open tracker and adding more usually won't help.

If you are using a torrent where someone has used a long list of trackers I'd recommend removing all the ones that don't respond or respond with an error message so you don't continue to hammer them.

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