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You're welcome. I suppose that you had "update automatically" checked, right? <_<

How, exactly, did your downloads "crash"?... Be explicit, when you explain it.

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This is not a bug with bitcomet it's a problem with your computer or your permissions settings or user account settings. Your original post didn't provide any of the required info to request support and you didn't even ask any questions, in fact is was one of our staff members who had to ask the questions probably because she couldn't understand why you'd make such a post.

To explain how this works, bitcomet saves your tasks in a "downloads.xml" file and if bitcomet cannot save this file when it shuts down, it will result in a loss of tasks. This can result if your harddrive is full, your drive is defective, the file system has errors, the folder it's located in has security settings that won't allow your user account access to the files, or the location has changed. The location of these files is determined by windows, not by bitcomet but you do have the option of having bitcomet put them in your %appdata% folder (enabled by default on recent versions). This option was added to help the user have some control as to where the config files are located.

Prior to the release of Windows Vista this was very simple, everyone had the files in the same location but when vista, version seven and eight were released it got complicated so we added the info we needed to know to the forum rules so we could help you find them but you have provided none of the required info and without it I could only guess where these files may be.

We have also prepared an article on wiki.bitcomet.com that addresses this and explains the evolution of where these files were located in various versions and instructions on how to restore from a backup.


This should provide all the info you need to restore your tasks.

Or you can simply restart each of the tasks and after the existing (partial or complete) downloads are rehashed, the tasks will continue.

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