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Virgin Media Blocked any bitcomet sites


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Can you access any other p2p site, or does it happen only with the BitComet Official Website (...you didn't specify)? Has this happened before, or has it ocurred recently?

I ask, not only because you obviously managed to successfully acces the forums but, because Virgin Media openly throttles p2p traffic and has also joined other major UK ISPs in blocking certain p2p file-sharing sites (read here, for more information).

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Hi Guys, sorry was not much info on the post.

The official bitcomet site, pirate bay, torrentz, torrentroom,torrentportal and others but anything with bitcomet was blocked

Tried again tonight and torrentroom, torrentbar and the main site are ok. but the others come up with the virgin logo and the message


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Have you tried opening these sites directly in your browser?

In my area our ISPs aren't allowed to block any websites but I am aware that some torrent sites are blocked by some countries and I think many users were still able to access them by going through bitcomet, but it appears that virgin has discovered how to block this so you may need to find a proxy site to connect you to thepiratebay, or you can get your torrents from other sites and from bitcomet torrent share. One handy feature with torrentshare is if you regularly download similar torrents and continue to seed them, you will be connected to peers with similar interests and can share the torrents with each other.

If you want to find a proxy site to help you load thepiratebay directly you can try proxy.org, it's a search engine that will connect you to random proxies. It could take many attempts to find one that works for you, but if you're persistent, you'll probably get through. You can also try asking on other torrent sites, I'm sure many other users have found various ways to work around this problem.

Good Luck

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