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stopping at 99.9%


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There are many possible causes for this but it's difficult to give you any specific advice without more information from you. Without knowing anything about your system or connection I can only be very general with the advice.

Check to see if other peers are stuck at the same level

rehash the torrent and if it still doesn't complete check which piece/s aren't complete. Many things shared on torrents have things like cracks patches, keygens and other hack tools that can be deleted by your antivirus as it downloads so you will never finish until you disable your scanning of that file.

A common router issue can change the header on a packet if it misidentifies it as an external IP address and converts it to internal which will cause the piece of data to be rejected during hash check. This is done to allow gaming through a router but will never work with bittorrent.

You can also check on wiki.bitcomet.com for other causes that are common.

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