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I can't run torent big file


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Do you mean that the file that you are trying to download is 100 GB? Or that you have already (completely) dowloaded it? (The .torrent file is actually very small - it only contains information intended for BitComet to read, so that it can find the contents of that particular file.)

Out of curiosity... why would anyone even make a torrent file that big?? :blink: Many users don't even have that much space free in their disks...

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I often download torrents this large or larger. Usually complete television series or collections of movies, etc.

This notice looks like you didn't properly shut down bitcomet before you shut down windows. In this case bitcomet will rehash the torrent because it's the only way to confirm how much of the download is complete. You probably just have to wait while bitcomet manages to get this huge task rehashed. You should avoid having bitcomet start with windows so it's not trying to start huge tasks the same time it's starting other processes. Increasing the size of your disc cache would be helpful too.

Also keep in mind that the default behavior when pressing the "X" button (upper right corner) won't shut down bitcomet, you can change what this button does in your settings or you can click on "file" and "exit" to close bitcomet and if you are running 100gb torrents I would wait a few minutes before shutting down windows. If you shut down while bitcomet is running windows won't allow bitcomet enough time to gracefully log the state of large tasks like this. Unfortunately only microsoft could change that behavior and I doubt they will.

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