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CometBird development officially discontinued Jan 2015

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The CometBird development team regret to notify our loyal fans that development of CometBird will officially be stopped effective immediately.

As users are aware this browser hasn't been updated in some time and there has been a lot of speculation as to why and the most credible explanation seemed to be the constant need for the work to be duplicated due to the release strategy of the source code from mozilla, but also a factor is that all popular browsers now offer things like centrally stored bookmarks and other options that made cometbird unique.

The developers did initially plan to revive the project but unfortunately this won't be possible. We thank all those involved in development for their work over the years, many of us have enjoyed using this browser and it will be missed.

For those still using it we recommend switching to Firefox Browser


The Cometbird website will be updated to reflect this in the near future.

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Well I am still using it I just wish the project continued i just kind of was attached to it.It was one application that was hard to let go for me.

It still owkay to use untill this HTML5 racism started, a problem that we hope to be solved.I damn knew everything I know about programming using this browser.and yes i still do have it just for the sweet old times.

But here is the question, so what happens to the whole cometbird thing? The website,the you know all this

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