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cometid score went ZERO!!


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https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxV8DT7OUaeiY3hyZVhLSVhHNWM/view?usp=sharinghey guys..

I just logged ito my accout in the browser & found an email varificatn step needed..

So I varified mye email addess & then suddeny saw my score went all the way back to 0!!

what should I do now?

I have a screenprint of what I actually have score in the app itself..

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It looks like you made a new account instead of logging into an existing one. If you know the email and password for the original account you can use it. If you lost the password you can reset that but you'll need access to the email address associated with the account.

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No bro I didn't creat a new account at all

It is the same username I use every time since I got my account

Even when I logged in it showed me my email that I created the account with to be verified

& I verified the same exact email not another one..

It wasn't any new thing to happen rather than verify the same email only..

I didn't sign out & sign in again in the application itself I'm afraid it will also go back to zero :(

Please direct me to what I can do?

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Why is it that your forum account was just created yesterday if you've had this account for years? Also why is your forum name different than your comet ID name?

As far as I know the only time you have to verify an email is when making a new account, logging in doesn't require any type of verification, so I'm pretty sure you have a new account.

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Im so sorry it is a miss understanding

You are right I have another account That I usually use

I'm really sorry

My main account is MaNsOuR

this one was created also long time but not used

The creation date missed me up

Thanks for the help anyway you are great guys..

I'm so embarressed though




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