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How do you enable proxy servers?

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I just bought CyberGhost to use their proxy servers & can't find how to enable them. The BC wiki just says to fill out the proxy page in Bit Comet options - fill it out with what? Where do I find the information I need? My ISP has throttled me down to 12kb max (usually half that) so I need to use a VPN. I've got no iea how to do this so I was hoping for a bit more help from the BC help menu. I can't use BC at that download speed (28 days for an NCIS series) so can anybody talk me thru' it? I'm as thick as a brick so KIS for this Stupid please.



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The info you need is provided by whoever provides the proxy service. We have no way of knowing this. If your whole internet is run through the vpn then nothing should need to be changed in bitcomet.

If it's any help you posted this topic with an IP address from usa, looks like somewhere in Nevada. I assume that's not your location because there is an abundance of internet connections that don't throttle bittorrent traffic in that area so it looks like your vpn is working, but if you are using a free vpn you probably aren't going to get good speeds with bitcomet, most likely you are firewalled and remote peers cannot connect to you. You'd need either a dedicated vpn server, or at very least a unique port to redirect all incoming traffic to your computer and neither of these options are offered for free by any service I'm aware of.

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ps. i found this article that should be helpful


However even if you have a premium service and use a server that allows p2p, if you don't have an open listening port you won't get good speeds using bittorrent.

I also read that with the free service there is a 25 second delay on all connections, normally with bittorrent any delay of more than a second or two will cause you to be ignored by the best peers who are looking for trading partners with speeds equal to their own.

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To where? Please include a hint next time. :(

If you are referring to the topic being moved, it was done because it was carelessly posted in the wrong area and, even if stated where it was moved to, the point would be irrelevant since you couldn't read it unless you found the location yourself.

It's her job to keep the forum tidy and she usually waits until the member has his answer before it's moved

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