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Concerning your answer: "We are aware of this, it's something that has to be fixed by the development team"... Since I have paid for 60 days and have the same "server error", will I have 60 days from the day it will be fixed, or am I spending my days even without getting the service. Thanks for your attention.

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If you like you can request a refund from paypal and decide later if you want to purchase again, or you can wait and request an extension to your account to compensate for downtime.

Besides suggesting these two options I can be of no further help in this matter until I receive instructions from development. Anything beyond running this forum and helping members use the software is beyond my influence. I wish I could help, but cannot.

I can tell you that BitComet has approved everyone who has requested a refund, in some cases because of legitimate complaints and in other cases because of unreasonable expectations such as unseeded tasks not downloading. I can also tell you that paypal virtually always sides with the consumer when there is any doubt so I'm certain you will get a refund unless there is proof that you did in fact use it for the full term, but even then only if the refund was contested and I don't believe it ever has, so this message is to ALL users who are in this situation.

Request a refund from paypal, or wait. I think you also have the option to negotiate a solution through paypal who will most likely give a refund if no agreement can be reached. You may want to consider this option if you're not willing to wait.

On behalf of the developers, please understand these people aren't paid for their work and even though VIP isn't free, it is struggling to support itself as the servers needed to run this feature are costly. They aren't trying to take anyone's money and I do believe they are entitled to take time off to spend with families, but users are also entitled to a service that works so I'd understand if you are tired of waiting.

Other than this, I have no more information to share.

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Please, be kind and give us an address to claim a refund or an extension of period paid. Why are you pushing us to negotiate with paypal and not with Bit Comet? Following my own experience it is not true that paypal refunds so easily the money already paid (with comission...)

Since you attest that this question is "beyond your influence", I reasonably consider that it is not your job to give us an answer, but that there is a person in a higher position who is obliged to give us a solution. . Thank you again for your attention.

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As there is no way to contact Bit Comet it is impossible to claim a refund.

There is no contact outside of this forum.

You don't need to contact bitcomet to get a refund, you contact paypal. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/security/seller-dispute-resolution

If you want to contact Bitcomet you can do so in their Chinese Forum, assuming you have a reasonable understanding of the Mandarin language. http://www.cometbbs.com/

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...I reasonably consider that it is not your job to give us an answer, but that there is a person in a higher position who is obliged to give us a solution...

Thank you again for your attention.

This is a BitComet User Forum, Running it is not my "job", I'm a volunteer just like everyone else.

You can message forum member "yaoyaohuan8" if you like, but she has already been contacted.

I am not "pushing" you to deal with paypal or do anything at all, I'm probably more frustrated than all of you and I'm giving you your options. Opening a dispute with paypal is not difficult and they virtually always side with the consumer, if bitcomet doesn't respond in a timely manner they will refund all your payment. If bitcomet does respond they will approve the refund and you'll get it even faster.

I've consistently asked members to wait until we hear from development, if you don't want to wait, this is the only other option I have to suggest

We don't know if there was a death in the family, if some of the development team had to move out of the area, or perhaps our English rep no longer works for the development team and they haven't found a replacement and I see no need to speculate on what might have happened. It's also getting frustrating answering the same questions over and over.

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Good News!!!

I heard back from development and they are working on the problem as I type.

I need help from everyone here, please post here if the service comes back on line as I have no way to confirm it myself since I don't have an active beta testing account. I'm going to need to rely on all our vip members to confirm when it's fixed.

Also, I've requested a conference with the team leader and creator of BitComet so we can map out how to compensate all the VIP users. Anyone who has already started a paypal dispute may want to wait for the forthcoming announcement before escalating their case as I'm confident everyone will be compensated.

I'm not sure exactly when service will be restored or when this decision will be made, but I do hope to give you all the explanations you deserve along with the any compensation due.

Also thank you to all the patient members out there and for many who were understandably upset yet kept this discussion civil.


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I am sorry to have considered you as one of the BitComet staf members. Usually the companies offer this kind of service, hence my confusion. I apologize for that and only now I understand each of your answers.

On the other hand, while I am writing this post, the program is still refusing the VIP service.

Thank you again.

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Thank you for the feedback. Glad to know it's finally fixed and I've also had my account activated to I will be better able to assist everyone.

We will be having a meeting sometime next week to discuss how to compensate users for this outage so keep an eye out for a topic regarding the "spring festival" VIP outage compensation.

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not to mention every time i fire up bitcomet it just slams my network to a snails pace and it actually stops my entire network for like a 1/2 hr or so before it will resumes at best .5 - .9 meg out of my normal 50 ???

this sounds like your router is having trouble dealing with the connections needed to run p2p downloads. There are ways to address this but you'd need to make a topic in the support section.

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I believe everyone affected by the outage was compensated. I know the comet ID servers are currently down which will affect vip since you cannot log in, but this is a new issue and I have every reason to believe it will be corrected in a timely manner.

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