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bitcomet still making connections after tasks are all done

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You've obviously added a block list that prevents bitcomet from using it's advanced features like LTseed, search for mirrors, Comet ID stats, etc. We've published a list of IP addresses that Bitcomet needs to connect to, if you make an allow list in your peerblock/peerguardian it will stop these services from being blocked.

This information is published in the FAQs at wiki.bitcomet.com.


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The link cassie posted is posted all through the forum including in my signature titled "READ THIS before posting", I know you've seen it and chose to ignore it just as 90% of members do. We had a topic just yesterday where we asked several people to read it and one after another we get replys saying they have the same problem, yet not one of them bothers to read it. We're trying to help bitcomet users but some like to make it imposible to be helped.

This is not directed at any specific person, only to explain the frustration we deal with on a daily basis

Imagine you go to see a doctor that works for free and there is a big sign asking you to fill out a form with your medical history and give it to the doctor but you ignore it because rules don't apply to you and when you see the doctor you just say "it hurts, it hurts, it hurts" and the doctor asks you to fill out the form and you say "it hurts, it hurts, it hurts", so the doctor says "ok, if you don't want to fill out the form at least tell me what hurts", and the person stops talking, all that time wasted when they could have been helping someone who actually needed help.

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